Ashley Natasha Jones

Sydney TAP design

TAP for Sydney Water

Design Competition winner

Limited edition aluminum bottles printed with winning designs
+ 4 week installation during "Water Week" at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

" Sydney Water recently invited the community to help redesign the look of our tap™ water bottle. We asked people to use design to show why sustainability is important to them. From the submissions, the five most popular were selected, as voted by the tap™ Facebook community."

City Terrariums

My design, "City Terrariums", is based on the concept of finite resources being reused in order to thrive. 

"This piece provides whimsical perspective on our role as citizens of a city, as we identify ourselves with these miniature dwellings, and also as an autobiography of the artist and her international pursuits."

Installation Details

The installation featured an interactive display where viewers could "swipe" through each design projections.